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For my last and final trip for the region of Asia and last trip for my dream trip around the world. I went to Tokyo, Japan. I stayed in Japan for 1 week. The average flight cost is $346. I took Philippine Air. Nonstop. I left the Philippines at 2:30pm and lang at Tokyo at 7:55pm. The flight was approx. 4hrs. 30mins. I stayed at keio plaza is In the heart of Tokyo, Hotel keio plaza offers elegant accommodation with free Wi-Fi and a Japanese garden courtyard. It features 2 restaurants, a gym, and easy access to transportation links. Bright light filters through paper sliding screens, into the modern rooms at Tokyo Niwa Hotel. Rooms are furnished with an LCD TV, a fridge and comfortable extra long beds. Niwa Tokyo Hotel features a Relaxation Lounge with massage chairs, overlooking a rooftop mini garden. A coin-operated launderette, drinks vending machines and a 24-hour business centre are available. Nice hotel in a very central public transport location for sightseeing in Tokyo. In a quiet street, with lots of restaurants around. The complimentary water, good quality shampoo and working wifi was nice. The bed is good quality. Staff was very friendly, be aware that there is always one person at frontdesk which speaks very well english, ask very friendly for her/him if necessary. Cost is $283 per night.

sumo wrestling

sumo wrestling

My Day 1 itinerary in Japan is I went to watch Sumo wrestling. Japan's national sport. This Japanese-style wrestling dates from ancient times and is thus full of rituals. Six tournaments are held each year; Tokyo hosts three tournaments annually. The Dohyo-iri (entering the ring) ceremony was cool. The crowd is wild! The sumo matches was exciting. Luckily the guide provided me the radio that has the English commentary on it.



My day 2 itinerary in Japan I went Mt Fuji and Hakone Day Tour. Enjoy the view from 2300 meters above sea level. Then take in Hakone's beautiful natural scenery with a pleasure boat cruise around Lake Ashi and a ride on the Komagatake Ropeway. It was absolutely fantastic! The guide was friendly and informative and Mt Fuji was defiantly the highlight! It's a must!

happo en chinzanso

happo en chinzanso

My day 3 itinerary is I went to see Dynamic Tokyo. Feel the beauty and tranquility of Japan on this popular tour to two of Japan's most famous gardens, Happo-en and Chinzanso. Look over the city of Tokyo from Tokyo Tower. At first they said its expensive to have this tour, but the experience and the convenience from transportation, tour guide, and the whole tour are all great worth every penny. On my next visit I will surely be getting more tours and be able to enjoy JAPAN.

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United Arab Emirates

After a great trip to Africa. For my last trip for my dream trip around the world I chose Asian region. The first place that I choose is UAE(United Arab Emirates) I stayed there for 1 week. The average flight cost is $415. I took Aeroflot airlines. Nonstop I left south africa at 7:50pm and land at UAE at 1:10am. The flight was approx. 5hrs. 20 mins. I stayed at BURJ AL ARAB hotel. This hotel is a 5-minute drive from Dubai International Airport and offers a free 24-hour airport. Free Wi-Fi is available. Amenities include a rooftop swimming pool and a hot tub. A 32-inch flat-screen TV and a tea/coffee maker are standard in the modern rooms of Premier Inn Dubai and restaurant and licensed bar. Cost is $107 per night. Good Value for money hotel with free shuttle to airport and also to a nearby shopping mall. I used both, and also the rooftop swimming pool. So I really did get exactly what I wanted. The staff could not have been more welcoming or caring, and the service was excellent for a hotel of this class. Highly recommended hotel.

dhow cruise

dhow cruise

My Day 1 itinerary, I went to Traditional dhow cruise with dinner. This cruise aboard this traditional wooden vessel offers an intriguingly different view of this amazing city. Enjoy the scenery by night with its beautifully lit city, which is truly mesmerizing. Admire the architecture of place such as The spectacular Chamber of Commerce building. A sumptuous dinner is served while you cruise along. Enjoy the delicious taste of true Arabian hospitality. A GOOD EXPERIENCE AND WITH LIKE EVERYTHING IN DUBAI WAS DONE WELL. THE FOOD WAS GOOD ALONG WITH THE SERVICE. THE VIEWS ALONG THE CREEK WERE GOOD ESPECIALLY AT NIGHT!

Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque

My Day 2 itinerary is I did Dubai city tour. The tour of the city of Dubai introduces both the new and the old Dubai. The tour commences with the new environs of Dubai and then stops at the Jumeirah Mosque. The tour stops for people to stroll and take pictures through the narrow lanes of Bastakiya, old Dubai, and continues to the Al Fahidi Fort, which houses the Dubai Museum. From here, walk through the souks and continue to the Gold Souk windows. The city tour was an essential first step in getting to know the place and its layout. It was very well organised and the guide and vehicle were great. It was so nice to have a personal guide. His knowledge and insight to the place, people, history and customs were very good.
Desert wonder Safari

Desert wonder Safari

My Day 3 itinerary is I did Desert wonder Safari. This tour departs in the afternoon across the desert with photo-stops during an exciting dune drive. The drive continues across the desert where you have the opportunity to do camel riding, sand boarding and try out a henna design on hands or feet. Before returning, watch their belly dancer performing her show around the campfire by starlight. Had a fantastic time from start to finish. Pick up from hotel was prompt which is a good start. Our driver was very imformative whilst driving from different destinations. Timings in each place I visited were pretty good apart from the sunset stop where maybe an extra five minutes would have proven better for the photo stop. I understand you are on a tight schedule, this did not spoil my enjoyment. I could go into each individual part of the trip but to sum it up in one,it was value for money.Would definitely recommend it to friends.

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I'll stop being in The Nile, I'm enjoying this trip




My next flight, so close and now I'm going to another continent. Ready for a new adventure, ready for the wild and some desert. Have you guessed where I'm going yet? Egypt! Where the days are hot and the nights are cold. I'm excited even though there is only one place I'm particularly interested in visiting. Which are the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. But as for now, landing and travelling by taxi to the accommodation which is about an hour from Cairo International after landing .


To be honest, since all I wanted to see in Egypt were those two main attractions, and as soon as I checked in at the hotel at about 19:00 at night I was exhausted. All I could think about was sleep and in fact, I wasn't even thinking straight. Although I remember being treated with absolutely great service at Husa Gawharet. The room was neatly done, and had the perfect Egyptian touch to it. Didn't feel like home, but it certainly made me comfortable.


After waking up from a well deserved rest, at around 08:00am, I decided to have a breakfast at the Husa Gawharet. The breakfast was sufficient and after that, I was ready to have a great day ahead. Day 2 was interesting, having to find a different form of transport compared to Europe where I could just use the subway. Here I guess I'd have to use taxis. The style of clothing was different too, something I wasn't particularly used to. Taking a taxi to the Pyramids of Giza, wasn't a long trip. But at the moment, it was hot, as in the humidity was just unbearable. But I carried on through the day, hoping to see the wonders of Giza. The pyramids, were a beauty! I don't have a clue as to how the Egyptians did it. But it was perfectly sculpted. The next destination in Giza was the Sphinx. The half lion half person, was interesting really. I wonder how the nose fell off since nothing else did, but the nose? Maybe they miscalculated it? But I wouldn't know, it was a sight to see. Recommend people to go and enjoy.

Day 3 and today, I just decided to walk around the neighbourhood, looking at all the shops and all before heading back to the hotel to take a well deserved rest, nothing was really planned for today, just to take a proper rest and sleep all day, to get prepared for my next adventure as the next flight was to Zimbabwe later, during the night. At about 10:00pm I had to check in the Cairo International Airport. My flight for Harare was at 11:30pm.
Keeping Bite Free

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It's time for Africa



After a great holiday and seeing Victoria Falls, its time for me head down south. Down to South Africa, I'm heading down to Cape Town, where it's famous for Table Mountain, or known as Tafelberg by the South Africans. The flight cost about 500$ and was definitely worth it because there is no way I'm going to ride a day bus ever after the uncomfortable mess the coach did in Zimbabwe. I couldn't believe that the flight was only 2 hours, but I guess the flights are actually pretty short since South Africa and Zimbabwe are neighbouring countries.

Landing in Cape Town was nice, taking a taxi to a one bedroom apartment down by the V&A waterfront. It has a nice touch to it as its not like a hotel, its just a place that I could call 'home' for a day. For my first day, I decided to go the V&A Waterfront, a mall that is located very close to the apartment that I rented. The mall is adequately big and certainly looks like a classy mall. South Africa is indeed a proper place, and doesn't actually have dirt roads and wild animals running loose. The feel of V&A sort of reminds one of Niagara Falls, with the big ferris wheel that goes over the city and the quick view of Table Mountain over the horizon.


The next day I decided to visit the Table Mountain, I wasn't too sure as to what we actually could do there but I was ready for the adventure. I took a taxi and arrived at Table Mountain, I was astounded as to how many tourists were there because it was winter in South Africa, and it wasn't even chilly compared to the winter back home. The cost of the trip up to the mountain was only about 20$ which is pretty cheap, but apparently in South African Rands, it isn't really. And that is pretty expensive. We had to ride a cable car up, or we could have climbed, but let's be honest, climbing is not for the faint hearted. The cable car was about 5 minutes and it took us to the top of the mountain. To my surprise, the mountain, was actually flat. And it was so easy to walk on, no stairs or bumps or irregular slants, it was like someone took a saw and cut the mountain in half. Walked along the marked pathway and saw many different views and sceneries. I had the whole view of Cape Town up there. After I left, I decided to go to the beach close by. Camps Bay, the beach sand was white and the sea was really blue. But it was winter so no body was there, I just decided to take a long stroll down the beach then headed back home.


Day 3, I decided to go to Cape Point, the part where the two oceans meet, the Pacific and Indian ocean. When you're by Cape Point you can actually see the 2 different currents just going against each other. There's not much to do there, but there is a lot of scenery and scenic pictures that could be taken. Every photographer's dream. Now its time to get a little rest, because the next day I'm going to another new continent.

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Starting Point

Let's Go!

At the moment I’m in Mississauga, and I have been thinking of going to visit a few countries around the world. The world consists of 7 continents and it took me a very long time to choose which countries to go to and I have finally made up my mind. I have chosen to go to the African, European and Asian continent. The countries I have chosen to go to are South Africa, Zimbabwe, Egypt, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, United Arab Emirates, philippines and japan before eventually returning home. I have decided to travel during the time of summer in most of the countries, which is July-August.
About the trip, I have been saving enough and have decided to stay at least 4 days in each country. 4 days to get everything done. Sounds like a mission, but nothing’s impossible. I realize that this will be a cost trip but I’m willing to do this just for the experience. I will be blogging about this experience and hope all of you will be able to see what I see one day.

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