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Before actually landing in Egypt, about a month before having to start this trip, knowing that Zimbabwe was a malaria infected area I had to see a doctor. The doctor prescribed me with some medicine, some pills, which cost about 100$ and I had to take them weekly to be certain that I wouldn't be infected with Malaria. And just to make sure, I bought mosquito repellent. Although I was landing in Zimbabwe, Harare was not my final stop, my final stop was Victoria Falls. The home of the famous, Victoria Falls. I had to take a flight, from Cairo to Harare which was 9 hours straight. Then having to catch a bus from Harare to Victoria Falls, which was about 55$ and I thought that was a pretty good deal. The bus takes an entire day to reach the Falls, but I guess its totally worth it.

Sleeping on a bus, wasn't a big issue, the issue was the length of the bus ride. I got enough rest, but not enough comfort. All in all, everything was great. The bus actually dropped me off at my hotel, Elephant Hills. Zimbabwe doesn't have a currency, they use American Dollars, which makes it easier to gage what the prices are and if they are ridiculously priced or not. I got to sleep as soon as possible, on a warm comfy bed, and before I got some shut eye, I put an extra coat of mosquito repellent.


After waking up, I had to take a shuttle bus, which are generously provided for tourist to go to Victoria Falls. The bus, picks up many passengers before they actually arrive to the actual destination, but it's alright, its nice knowing that the Victoria Falls is a great attraction and not just some rip-off. The first destination I went to, was the falls itself. Nothing like Niagara Falls though, these falls had a pathway that was required to walk on, you couldn't walk anywhere else. It seemed a little strict at first, but after a while I realized why they did. The further you walk down the falls, the more it felt like it was raining. By the end of the walk, I was soaking, the fact that I hired a raincoat for 3$ was ridiculous, because either way, I still got wet. The falls took a good 3-4 hours, walking the pathway and carefully observing the landscapes and wild animals roaming around, I swore I saw at least 5 monkeys during my time there. I took another shuttle bus back to my hotel, and had to wait an hour for my next shuttle bus, the next shuttle bus was a bus to take us to the helicopter site. I paid to see the helicopter go over the Falls and actually rode over the falls for a good 30 minutes. Even though it was short, it was definitely a hair raising experience since the floor of the helicopter, was made of glass. After all that was done, I took a shuttle bus back to the hotel and that was my 2nd day in Zimbabwe.


There are a lot of things to do by the Falls, as this is one of the main attractions that actually bring people to Zimbabwe. It was particularly interested in this activity. Elephant riding, It wasn't like normal things, it actually was pretty normal to be honest. Felt like riding a slow horse. But all in all, they walked us on an elephant for an hour, riding around a game reserve, it was pretty cool as to how many animals live together in harmony. How all the animals, despite their differences depend on each other to survive. That's what the guide says, during droughts, all the animals share food, and water. They aren't ruthless at all. But after that whole heart wrenching story of the animals, I eventually just went home to get ready for my next adventure. Down to Southern Africa, South Africa.

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