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After a great holiday and seeing Victoria Falls, its time for me head down south. Down to South Africa, I'm heading down to Cape Town, where it's famous for Table Mountain, or known as Tafelberg by the South Africans. The flight cost about 500$ and was definitely worth it because there is no way I'm going to ride a day bus ever after the uncomfortable mess the coach did in Zimbabwe. I couldn't believe that the flight was only 2 hours, but I guess the flights are actually pretty short since South Africa and Zimbabwe are neighbouring countries.

Landing in Cape Town was nice, taking a taxi to a one bedroom apartment down by the V&A waterfront. It has a nice touch to it as its not like a hotel, its just a place that I could call 'home' for a day. For my first day, I decided to go the V&A Waterfront, a mall that is located very close to the apartment that I rented. The mall is adequately big and certainly looks like a classy mall. South Africa is indeed a proper place, and doesn't actually have dirt roads and wild animals running loose. The feel of V&A sort of reminds one of Niagara Falls, with the big ferris wheel that goes over the city and the quick view of Table Mountain over the horizon.


The next day I decided to visit the Table Mountain, I wasn't too sure as to what we actually could do there but I was ready for the adventure. I took a taxi and arrived at Table Mountain, I was astounded as to how many tourists were there because it was winter in South Africa, and it wasn't even chilly compared to the winter back home. The cost of the trip up to the mountain was only about 20$ which is pretty cheap, but apparently in South African Rands, it isn't really. And that is pretty expensive. We had to ride a cable car up, or we could have climbed, but let's be honest, climbing is not for the faint hearted. The cable car was about 5 minutes and it took us to the top of the mountain. To my surprise, the mountain, was actually flat. And it was so easy to walk on, no stairs or bumps or irregular slants, it was like someone took a saw and cut the mountain in half. Walked along the marked pathway and saw many different views and sceneries. I had the whole view of Cape Town up there. After I left, I decided to go to the beach close by. Camps Bay, the beach sand was white and the sea was really blue. But it was winter so no body was there, I just decided to take a long stroll down the beach then headed back home.


Day 3, I decided to go to Cape Point, the part where the two oceans meet, the Pacific and Indian ocean. When you're by Cape Point you can actually see the 2 different currents just going against each other. There's not much to do there, but there is a lot of scenery and scenic pictures that could be taken. Every photographer's dream. Now its time to get a little rest, because the next day I'm going to another new continent.

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